Can you write an email for me

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I have received scores of submissions—more than I expected. If necessary, you can send more emails on different points.

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Keeping sentences, paragraphs and even words short is a must. You asked me about subject. Dear [name]: Thanks so much for thinking of me as a potential guest blogger. Ask yourself before you start writing the message what it is exactly that you want to get across.

Remember: ''Dear name '' is more often used in letters to people you know well. Just to give you a quick update. I will be sure to fit this in as soon as possible. Would it be possible for me to have a bit more time?

We often use ''Thank you'' or ''Thanks'' to start an email - especially if someone has helped you. An email template for shaving 20 hours off your work week Author Robbie Abed took to LinkedIn to share a pair of emails that he had used successfully to shave his workweek from 60 hours to 40 hours.

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You want to tell a colleague about the result of something you both worked on. As they are often written quickly, in response to a request or question, they may contain only a few lines.

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How To Write An Email