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Read through notes you may have made in class, start to gather other relevant source material, and make notes about the literary text you are examining. Because the paper quotes from the novel extensively, page numbers are found within the main body of the text, in parentheses, after complete bibliographical details have been provided in a footnote to the first quotation.

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Prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas. Here are a few other types of essays: Argumentative Essay : Take a position on a controversial issue and present evidence in favor of your position. This is the most important sentence in the paragraph that tells readers what the rest of the paragraph will be about. Oxford: Oxford University Press, So to do so you can start with a quote or a proverb. Take a look at that list and choose the top three that interest you. When selecting a topic for your essay, you'll want to make sure your topic supports the type of paper you're expected to write.

The first paragraph of the body should put forth your strongest argument to support your thesis. An essay is a written composition where you express a specific idea and then support it with facts, statements, analysis and explanations.

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Quotations from secondary sources are referenced by footnotes. If this an essay to inform, write the major categories into which information will be divided. Finding a Topic If you want to write your essay quickly, it is best to choose a topic you already know a lot about. What are the main ideas? You can use shocking information, dialogue, a story, a quote, or a simple summary of your topic. Definition Essay What is a Definition Essay? YourDictionary definition and usage example. Still stumped? What does "Developing World" mean? Your strongest points should be the first and last paragraphs within the body, with the others falling in the middle. The writer must paint a picture through his words. If you cannot decide, then say so, outlining why you cannot decide.

Revise for technical errors. Whichever angle you choose, make sure that it ties in with your thesis statement, which will be included as the last sentence of your introduction. And, to help you formulate a killer conclusion, scan through these Conclusion Examples.

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Following this process is the easiest way to draft a successful essay, whatever its purpose might be. Add the finishing touches. An essay should not be merely a list. Now draw three or four lines out from your circle. Having the ability to write effective essays will become increasingly important as you progress through high school and into college. Body The body of your essay is where you explain, describe or argue the topic you've chosen. What causes pollution? The first sentence of the paragraph should generally be a 'strong' one, used to signal or indicate the idea to be discussed within the paragraph. You may, however, point to alternative conclusions or arguments, or briefly suggest areas of interest that have not been dealt with directly by the essay. What Causes Poverty? Three Steps to Effective Definition Tell readers what term is being defined. Or to education about a person, place, thing or idea? Tutors have read widely on the subjects you will be writing on and are very likely to recognise when you are plagiarising.

Think about your life. Summarizing puts the main points from someone else's text into your own words.

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Formal essays are generally academic in nature and tackle serious topics. Draw reader in with title and opening paragraph How Did this Happen? This paragraph should should restate your thesis statement using slightly different wording than employed in your introduction. As stated earlier, good essay writing demands time spent on every stage of the process: reading and research, making an outline, ordering and structuring your ideas, writing and changing various drafts, and final editing and presentation. When writing a definition essay, remember to tell readers what term is being defined, to present a clear and basic definition, and to use facts, examples, or anecdotes that readers will understand Here are the examples of popular definition essay topics : Kindness Love Essays can be formal as well as informal. Answer who, what, when, where and how. Explain what you plan to prove in the essay. This is the ideal length, you can take creative license to increase or decrease it Keep your language simple and crisp. Your thesis statement will have two parts.

Does your teacher follow the APA guidelines for writing papers? Next, under each Roman numeral, write A, B, and C down the left hand side of the page.

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Is there a significant idea you have not included in the essay?

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