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Thanks 0. It is not cheap, and it is highly risky, but it's possibly easier than farming Carbuncle Chairs. Lightning crystal desynths were more tempermental and liable to break than wind crystal desynths. In fact, CRP desynth just isn't useful for very much at all, if you ask me. I'd probably go to one of the mid levels there or else hit the CoP areas for 'em. They're only r60, which is BC2 range! Can get Allagan materials from desynthing Allagan armor.

Share This page is a work in progress. I'm kinda planning on taking up crafting again once I'm done with the CoP gilsink, and I can continue the testing then. There is precious little information on the desynthesis options of certain high-level beast-made items like Gurfurlur's Helmet due to the extreme rarity and thus expense of them.

Exploit this! So, I have included a couple of options on getting over that gap. CRP has no r desynthable items and all of the r items are relatively expensive.

Generally speaking, the more sacrifices you leave for RNGesus, the sooner you should swap. Great leveling method if you like PvP, and profitable too! At the moment as of 3. The process of desynthesis usually has more failures than regular crafting, so in order to maximize your results, it is recommended to undertake desythesis with crafting supports which minimize your chances of losing the item if the desynthesis fails.

However, GSM is generally not the best at anything. They're only r60, which is BC2 range! You can always get x of the appropriate leather when desynthing the below items.

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Remember that you will continue to gain desynth experience on every success up until your skill is 25 levels higher than the item. A notable exception are the Beastcoins - turning them into Ingots is a standard synthesis, not a desynth, and as such follow ordinary success and HQ rules.

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