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Recognize that some countermeasures are ideals and may not be feasible if, for example, your organization is housed in an old building. Deciding which recommendations to adopt is the most important step. Determining countermeasures often requires creativity: don't limit yourself to traditional solutions.

Who needs a Maintenance Contract? The main directions of the physical security include: organizational arrangements, technical and engineering protection, physical protection and guarding.

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As discussed more completely in Chapter 2a threat is any action, actor, or event that contributes to risk Examples of physical threats include: Natural events e. Locking critical equipment in secure closet can be an excellent security strategy findings establish that it is warranted. Your risk assessment results should arm you with the information required to make sound decisions.

The key is that the function is being performed.

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Consider videotaping the equipment including close-up shots as well. Well-conceived plans to secure a building can be initiated without adding undue burden on your staff. House computer equipment wisely: Equipment should not be able to be seen or reached from window and door openings, nor should it be housed near radiators, heating vents, air conditioners, or other duct work.

This necessary security policy is too important to permit exceptions.

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Physical security Research Papers