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Arnold heard about Andre's capture and was able to escape to the British. Or was it a kind of extreme midlife crisis, swerving from radical political beliefs to reactionary ones, a change accelerated by his marriage to the very young, very pretty, very Tory Peggy Shippen? Ford et al. Cipher lines by Arnold are interspersed with lines by his wife, Peggy. Carl Van Doren, Secret history of the American revolution. Unlike Arnold, however, Allen was forced to retreat when British troops arrived from Montreal. Boylan, Benedict Arnold: the dark eagle New York, At about this time, the boy decided he must learn to be brave. By , eager to make money, Arnold moved to St. Arnold's reputation as a brave warrior grew in as he led an attack and drove British troops out of Danbury, Connecticut.

Roberts New York, The ill-fated mission ran into problems from the outset—discovered plans, inclement weather and poor timing caused the battle to fail. This meeting was thwarted when British gunboats in the river fired on his boat, not being informed of his impending arrival.

In the early years of the American Revolution —83Arnold was known as a brave and skilled military planner who has been credited with the American victory at the Battle of Saratoga in New York.

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Moreover, since the revolutionary government was too young a creature to have acquired any genuine legitimacy before , Arnold, and others like him, could easily defend their treason by arguing that they were simply returning to their original allegiance. In September , Arnold escaped from the Americans unpunished and fled to the British. New York, How Historians See Benedict Arnold Over the two centuries since Benedict Arnold's death, historians have argued about his true character. These letters were delivered by Samuel Wallis, another Philadelphia businessman who spied for the British, rather than by Stansbury. Arnold was found guilty of two of the charges against him, but as punishment he merely received a gentle reprimand from George Washington. In April he married Margaret Shippen, the daughter of a wealthy Philadelphian. In , a group of businessmen from Montreal, Canada, accused Arnold of stealing property from them. Moreover, the results of an anticipated British counter-offensive were not seriously considered. Arnold next went to Lake Champlain to prevent the British from using it as a means of traveling from Canada to New York. Major Benjamin Tallmadge was a member of the Continental Army's Culper Ring , a network of spies established under Washington's orders, [94] and he insisted that Jameson order the prisoner to be intercepted and brought back.

Yet surprisingly, even with the pathetically small army under his command, Arnold kept up a bombardment of the city and at the same time cut off the garrison from the surrounding countryside. Though he fought heroically in conflicts, including the Battle of Lake Champlain in and Battle of Saratoga in Octoberhe made many enemies including some of his superior officers.

Setting off in pursuit, Arnold came within sight of the enemy just outside Vaudreuil. Burnett 8v.

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Troops were liberally distributed within Arnold's command area but only minimally at West Point itself or furnished to Washington on request.

By the end ofArnold had begun secret negotiations with the British to surrender the American fort at West Point, New York, in return for money and a command in the British army.

The son on the american revolution benedict arnolds biography

The antipathy was mutual, and Gates at one point relieved Arnold of his command. Once again, Arnold had brought his country a step closer to independence. Out of both greed and revenge for how he had been treated by the American military, he offered to hand West Point over to the British in exchange for a large sum of money. He was brought up on charges and court-martialed in May Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania: Stack-pole Books, , pp. Quebec , 4th ser. This plan very nearly succeeded, but Arnold changed living quarters prior to sailing for Virginia in December and thus avoided capture. Arnold then played a major role in the defeat of British General John Burgoyne see entry at Saratoga, New York, where he was once again wounded seriously in the leg. Cipher lines by Arnold are interspersed with lines by his wife, Peggy. Washington refused his offer to resign, and wrote to members of Congress in an attempt to correct this, noting that "two or three other very good officers" might be lost if they persisted in making politically motivated promotions. Reaching the river the next day, the little fleet then sailed to Fort Western Augusta, Maine , where boats had been built for the expedition by a local inhabitant.

Brandt, Clare. A grateful Congress promoted him to major general on May 2, but he was still below the other five in rank.

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