Use of pathos logos ethos in civil disobedience

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symbolism in civil disobedience

In other words, rhetoric is the power to command the masses to do or feel in the way that the rhetor wills Throughout his writing there were multiple examples of Imagery as well.

He created the rhetoric triangle. He speaks on the immense quality of American character, and how the government has stood in the way of this character.

civil disobedience ways to serve the state

In this, Thoreau provides a logical background from which the audience can begin to question the premise of government that they previously accepted, and offers historical heroes as an appeal to pathos.

Given that some do not agree with the idea of weapon bans it creates a debates Posted by Rose M. A textual example of him appealing to Pathos was when he was talking about why his cell mate was in prison. A poll tax is a tax of an equal amount of money for each individual paying it.

Use of pathos logos ethos in civil disobedience
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Logos Ethos and Pathos in “Civil Disobedience” Essay